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Internal Security

What is this field of study about?

Internal Security is a field of study that concerns all-in issues referring to threats that occur in both private and public sectors of life. The security in question is one of the most urgent social needs and, at the same time, an important problem that has a local and global dimension. The world is, as easily seen, subject to dynamic changes that not only lead to its faster development but also to serious crises. As a result of these ongoing processes and phenomena, there arose a need to work out procedures and systems of security. There is also a rising demand on specialists in this field. The skill to assess the risks concerning internal security has become an inherent quality regarding almost all professions.

Why is studying Internal Security at NCU worth considering?

Internal Security is now one of the most popular majors amongst students interested in social sciences. At the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies, they allow listeners not only develop their interests in this field of knowledge but also acquire useful skills – thanks to professional practices and additional courses that are offered.

Internal Security