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National Security

What is this field of study about?

National Security is an attractive and both innovative and elite field of study (at least in the shape offered by the Faculty of Science and International Studies of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń) that combines elements of studies on defence and security with sciences like mathematics and informatics. It is a modern and comprehensive profile of education, the one that has a great demand on the educational market as it provides students with knowledge on state security, defence and public order.

Why is studying National Security at Nicolaus Copernicus University (NCU) worth considering?

The studies in national security have a multidisciplinary character and offer a wide-ranging knowledge on various facets of the problem in internal as well as in national and international dimensions. The acquired knowledge and skills will let graduates understand the character of national security, make it possible for them to create forms of precluding and preventing relevant threats and reacting to them when they occur. The knowledge and skills under discussion will also let graduates take individual and collective actions aimed at solving problems regarding the present and future issues of security.

National Security