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Political Science

What is this field of study about?

Are you interested in politics? Would you like to get a closer idea of mechanisms that rule the world of power and politics? Do you wish to possess skills allowing you to conduct a political campaign in order to win elections, to learn how to exercise power effectively and to understand the nature of politics in the contemporary world?

Why is studying Political Science at NCU worth considering?

  • One of our assets is the teaching staff: rich in experience, highly qualified, competent and friendly to students.
  • Political Science at NCU constantly occupies a high position in the rankings of Polish universities that have the best offer regarding this field of study.
  • Our faculty has a rich programme of this study, with classes focused on teaching practical skills and with many elective courses, including those guided in foreign languages.
  • We have numerous international contacts, thanks to which we can offer assistance in arranging international visits and fellowships at foreign universities.
  • Our faculty also helps students in matters concerning their practices in the media, self-government institutions, institutions of public administration, deputy offices, etc.
  • Toruń is an excellent town – not only for studying but also for getting to know new places and new people.

Political Science